My honeymoon in Mauritius

My honeymoon in Mauritius

I love Lists! I have a list for everything. To do lists, call lists, packing lists, grocery lists, a list of wardrobe needs and even a places to travel list.

For the South of Africa and off the Indian Ocean, Seychelles, Madagascar & Zanzibar were on this list but not Mauritius. What can I say? After 10 days with my “new” husband on the beautiful Ile Maurice, I made a mental note to reevaluate my “places to travel” list.

Mauritius is breathtakingly beautiful! For me it was a perfect blend of relaxation, tranquility and activities. I’m your typical Nigerian traveller…flight must not be too long, trip must not be entirely water based, there must be loads of places for shopping, amazing room service, great coffee, great Internet and English/French must either be a first or second language wherever I end up. Mauritius had me ticking off everything and then some…

On the island there is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Creole and French influences. The average Mauritian is pleasant, always ready to help and fiercely protective of his heritage. The land is so fertile and blessed, several adult locales have never seen a scorpion or a snake and I was constantly blown away by how rich and juicy their locally grown fruits and crops are.
Our honeymoon was mid May, so we arrived in perfect weather and slightly earlier than the hoards of guests who visit the island during summer.

We flew in from Dubai, so I was immediately thankful for the cool Island breeze and the warm reception at our hotel… can I forget the bottle of Island rum, sugar treats, and freshly sliced fruit basket upon our arrival at the Honeymoon Suite in our hotel. Our concierge made sure to add that our suite had unrestricted “wee fee” access….she meant to say Wi Fi but she was so beautiful and pleasant, so I let it go…

We had gone over our itinerary with our concierge Marie before we left Dubai, so each day had been pre planned and booked before we arrived.
Everyday was like a different holiday.

From waking up each morning to a decadent breakfast overlooking the ocean to languid strolls along the beach, which would always end with us sipping free cocktails each evening as we watched the beautiful sunset.

My honeymoon in Mauritius

The food is a whole other matter! Mauritius is blessed with so many different and exotic spices and foods, so each meal is like a party in your mouth! The different cultures are perfectly fused in their cuisine and there is always a perfect balance of hot, cold, sweet, sour & spicy. It’s an island so seafood never grows old.

tortoise park in mauritius

One of the best things about Mauritius for me was that everyday offered a unique memory and for someone who doesn’t like pictures, I felt like I spent the entire trip either looking through a camera lens or in front of one.

Mauritius Grand Bassin hindu temple god Hanuman statue

We visited the Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin, a sacred lake. One of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites outside of India. Not far from the Bassin is a huge statue of the god Shiva. It’s about 33m tall and they said it’s the highest statue in Mauritius.

Giant Lord Shiva Statue in Mauritius

Your trip is not complete if you don’t take a photo in front of this Statue!

The Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses is a treat! Beautiful Talipot palm trees, exotic spices and plants and the famous giant Amazon lilies. You literally don’t see the sun throughout the garden as the trees, fauna and flora give amazing shade.

Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses

We also took a Catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs.  I am not much of a “water person” but the view was spectacular and I got to eat Octopus for the first time. The hubby went snorkeling,  I just cheered from the boat…

Catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs

The local markets were interesting and we got loads of keepsakes and gifts for friends. There are also several clothes factories in Mauritius so you can also get a great bargain when you buy from the factory stores.We visited some wineries, distilleries and sugar plantations. Each step of the way, you couldn’t help but notice how well the locales preserve and share their rich culture and heritage.

Nightlife is great in Port Louis. We club hopped through about 6 clubs in one night. Our escort had to stay sober all night so she could get us back safely to our hotel but she was such a great sport all night….I am convinced that she threw back a shot or two when we weren’t looking.

Nightlife in Port Louis

Nightlife in Port Louis

I especially liked the cool names of their clubs. My favourite one was Les Enfants Terribles….means “Terrible Children” in English.

We spent the last two days in the spa. These people give “full body wrap and massage” a whole new meaning!

Did we have fun? Definitely!

Was it a great trip? Undoubtedly!

Would I go back? Absolutely!


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